Gabriel Lubnin

Fireman [tears]

(from the "Drunkenness is a razor" album)

Rejected the fireman is
By his friends whom he worked with.
Just because on the last day
He couldn't the fire slay.

He burst into house dim -
Melting was helmet on him.
But fire he couldn't overtake,
Because of the hose that he didn't remake.

Surrounded by his friends he was
And they told him an expel cause -
"You are shame of the fire brig,
And you should leave our contig".

But the fireman stood firm -
He decided to prove they were wrong,
So he set fire to wooden house
And he ran into it as a mouse.

Tender pride of the fireman cried
And that's why he's not dead but survived -
Just because he flood the fire in tears
So he rescued himself and the house repairs.

Now his friends appeared again,
They cheered him up and his repute gained
"Should return you to our dep't
And start work" - that's his friends tempt.

Smoke 911 Fire 911
Smoke 911 Fire 911

Translated by Yuriy Lapitskiy, Oct 17, 2005
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