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English translations
Story by Dmitriy Bilenkin:

"Nothing but ice" (Download htm, 20 951 B)

Gabriel Lubnin, "Fireman [tears]" (Download htm, 1 848 B)
Stories by Yuriy Nesterenko:

"Desert Storm - 2, or WinWars 2002" (Download htm, 11 571 B) (a copy is here)
"Project Genesis" (Download htm, 10 360 B) (a copy is here)
"Applied monsterology" (Download txt, 3 534 B) (a copy is here)
"What I've learned about America from Hollywood films" (Download txt, 3 719 B) (a copy is here)
"God, give me memory..." 
(Download txt, 3 711 B) 
(a copy is here)

"If "Titanic" would have been completed a 100 years later..." (Download txt, 5 245 B) (a copy is here)
"From the notes of the african explorer" (Download txt, 8 333 B) (a copy is here)
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Tomilino settlement web site www.tomilino.com/index_e.htm

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